You may or may not remember how bad the first Ken's Rage was.

It looked like an up-resed Dreamcast game that would've felt overpriced in a bargain bin, with each of its series of levels (which bafflingly spanned the whole Fist of the North Star narrative saga) appearing to be rendered with the same gigantic one-texture wasteland level, using the same enemies with the same death animations for Ken to painfully slog through with the same geologically timed moves ad nauseum. (Bonus: there may as well have been a hundred other playable characters, all with their own reskinned quests to complete.) Ken's Rage 2 was, if you can believe it, not only covers almost the exact same ground as the original Ken's Rage, but did so using uglier graphics and with even less moves to choose from.

At least it wasn't all bad – it was something to play on your Wii U!