Oh, where do I start? Many gamers and reviewers have waxed poetic about just how terrible this game turned out. But given there is so much to not love about how the officially licensed title of one of the most terrifying action movies ever made turned out to be a boring, glitchy sleeper this author will attempt tot stick to the lowest of the low.

Aliens is the action movie follow-up to Ridley Scott's terrifying space horror film with a vulnerable, half-naked Sigourney Weaver trying to escape the death grip of H.R. Giger's horrifically phallic Xenomorph. Aliens is the action-packed sequel where the horror of Alien meets the ass-kicking might of Space Marines, before space marines became a cliché. Aliens is one of the scariest action films ever made by the nerd-loving physics major James Cameron just two years after he made the first Terminator film.

For Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox – creators of the hit Borderlands series – was given full license to use all the charterer, locations, sounds and more from the film in what was dubbed a sequel that would directly tie into the story. Instead what happened is Gearbox admitted to half-assing the development, got canceled once, then finally finished in what can only be described as one of the most comically bad games ever made.

The first 10-seconds of gameplay is as good as Colonial Marines ever gets. The film-authentic bing and hum of the motion tracker, ticking away Xenomorphs as they hunt their pray, you! After that, it's all downhill. The aliens themselves are not scary, they are small, sort of look like skinny cats and are really easy to kill. In fact they're so easy to kill that there is little need to be afraid of dying at all, just charge thorough and mop-up with your pulse rifle. In making the aliens weak developers lost the scariest device in the game, the motion tracker. Aliens are suppose to come out of nowhere, wound you and retreat until they pick your squad off one by one. Instead what's happens is that you aim your rifle at a spawn point and just keep firing until you're prompted to follow someone else to do something, who knows what, I stopped caring at that point.

If a gamer ever feels like punishing themselves by playing this game to try to redeem some of the $60 they just shelled out for it, they end up at one of several terrible boss battles. At this point the comic failure of Colonial Marines just turns to sadness. Some battles are simply a strings of quick-time events (hit X now!) or worse so glitchy that gamers are left to run in circles until the alien gets stuck on a corner, which happens all the time, then just shoot till dead - so fun.