These cold-ready cockroaches, known as Periplaneta japonica, are an evolutionary imperative, and they've made their way to New York City.

The new species was discovered by an exterminator working on the High Line last year; realizing that there was something special about it, he sent a number of carcasses to the University of Florida for testing. The results weren't  troubling, but they aren't exactly comforting either.

Jessica Ware and Dominic Evangelista, insect biologists at Rutgers University, were recruited and learned that the super roach is commonly found in Asia. "As the species has invaded Korea and China, there has been some confirmation that it does very well in cold climates, so it is very conceivable that it could live outdoors during winter in New York," Ware told Rutgers Today. "That is in addition to its being well suited to live indoors alongside the species that already are here."

No big deal, just one more roach to worry about. The difference is, this one isn't scared of the cold. Winter just got that much better.

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