According to a survey conducted by, women in the New York—much like women all over the world—prefer taller men. 

To reach this astute conclusion, the website examined nearly 60,000 interactions to find out the odds that women who have resorted to online dating would talk to or view the profile of a man 5'9" or under. Only 1.2 percent of women in the Bronx and Manhattan said they would reach out to these shorter gentlemen; the numbers for Brooklyn and Long Island weren't much better (2.4 and 3.7 percent, respectively). 

Even though women do prefer taller men, websites can come up with statistics to support just about anything, especially when it comes to the alternate universe of online dating. Plus, most women would probably rather have a charismatic dude who's 5'8" than a 6'5" loser. 

Most dudes probably don't need to be told this, but don't let the results of some survey about online dating discourage you. Or just go to Jersey City where you're good all day, regardless of height.

[via Gothamist]