Nintendo is generally known for delivering games that are great, if totally expected (even within the context of whatever kinds of innovation they claim to be offering). Kirby Triple Deluxe doesn't necessarily look like it's anything revolutionary – although apparently according to this trailer's translation, the little pink puffball's abilities now have full movesets, which is a nice improvement – and it does look pretty fun.

More importantly, maybe, is that Triple Deluxe looks like it has a lot of content for a Kirby title – in addition to a new standard platformer there's also a rhythm game as well as a new battle mode that appears to be modeled after Super Smash Bros (hence, one figures, the "Triple" in Triple Deluxe), which should be fun for players that already like to use Kirby in Smash battles anyway.

Since Kirby games of the past several years have been somewhat light on content, it seems like a welcome change. Then again it could just be weird but we'll just have to wait and see. Triple Deluxe hits later in 2014.

Via Youtube