"Iron Man 3" is the Most Financially Successful Movie of 2013

"Iron Man 3" is the Most Financially Successful Movie of 2013Image via Marvel Studios

With 2013 days away from being in the can, it's time to reflect on the year from a box office perspective. The year's twenty highest-grossing films have been collected and, unsurprisingly, Tony Stark is holding court in the winner's circle.

Iron Man 3 racked up $1.2 billion in the worldwide box office, which when coupled with the character's other film appearances—including a little box office juggernaut called The Avengers—makes Iron Man the most lucrative, highest earning superhero out of The Avengers, the Super Friends, the X-Men, etc. As to be expected, superheroes and sequels dominate the top 20, with Wolverine, Thor: the Dark World, and Man of Steel all appearing in the top 15.

Franchises like Fast & Furious and The Hangover have maintained their foothold in the planet's pockets as well. The only original films that made the cut are Gravity, Now You See Me, Pacific Rim, The Croods and Frozen.

Peep the full list here at Digital Spy.

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