You probably have a family but if that's not the case then, similar to your Nintendo 64 counterpart, you're the life of the party while simultaneously being health conscious. (You're actually lazy and part of the reason you bought your Wii U is so you could avoid being put through hell by a personal trainer. Keep telling yourself that a dance a day on Just Dance 2014 will take a pound away.) Some people don't consider your Wii U an "eighth generation console" but those same people were the ones that doubted the Wii's impact back in 2006. "No other system has a GamePad where you can still play a game even when the TV screen is off," you say, and your friends can't really argue with the system's ability to play NES, SNES, N64 and Game Boy Advance games through the Virtual Console service. In a way you're like your best friend that loves their Dreamcast: misunderstood and ahead of the curve, with people realizing your greatness well after the fact. Oh well, at least no one can touch you on Mario Kart 8.