The leaves are changing. The weather's getting chillier. The Boy Scouts are setting up their Christmas Tree pop-up shops. Which can only signal one thing: it's the time of the year for Oprah's Favorite Things! The mega-mogul recently published her list on (also in the December issue of O), and it's just full of goodies your mom would die for. Literally. At least, that's the impression we get from Oprah's electrifying prose.

It raises the question: Can you tell the difference between Oprah's descriptions of her favorite things and quotes from famous serial killers? Test your knowledge now! 

1. Ed Gein or Oprah: "The only thing more chic than a white bone-china plate is a white bone-china plate with a fabulous shape."

2. Son of Sam or Oprah: "Heaven has arrived."

3. Charles Manson or Oprah: "Pain's not bad, it's good. It teaches you things. I understand that."

4. Jack the Ripper or Oprah: "The way utensils feel is important to me, and these well-designed, cherry-red-handled, stainless-and-carbon steel knives are like magic."

5. Richard Ramirez or Oprah: "I'll see you in Disneyland."

6. Jeffrey Dahmer or Oprah: "From then on it was a craving, a hunger, I don't know how to describe it."

7.  Albert Fish or Oprah: "Christmas morning never tasted so good."

The answers are...

1. Oprah
2. Oprah
3. Charles Manson
4. Oprah
5. Richard Ramirez
6. Jeffrey Dahmer
7. Oprah

[GIFs via Perez Hilton, Gaga Daily, AJ Supreme, Panda Whale, ATRL, WutmelReactionGIFs]