Get ready for the best news you'll receive this Thanksgiving holiday: According to EW, Mystery Science Theater 3000's amazing Turkey Day tradition is coming back this year.

If you're not familiar, MST3K's Turkey Day tradition began all the way back in 1991, when the Comedy Channel was turning into Comedy Central, and asked MST3K creator Joel Hodgson for a 24-hour marathon of the show. Hodgson supplied a ton of sketches for the event, which came to be known as "Turkey Day"—and it was so successful that it continued for years after, even after MST3K was off the air. 

This revived version of Turkey Day won't be quite the same—Hodgson will be hosting it, but instead of airing on TV, the special will be broadcast live on the Internet, at the official site Beginning at 12 p.m. EST, users will be able to log on to the site to view the marathon, which will last for 24 hours and include sketches suggested by fans. Hodgson is currently taking those suggestions on his Twitter right now, if you've got any classic bits you want to see added to the special.

For those of you whose lives haven't yet been enriched by MST3K: The show, created by Hodgson, ran on the Comedy Channel/Comedy Central and the Sci Fi Channel between 1989 and 1999. Every episode, it featured a janitor and his robot sidekicks forced to watch terrible movies while trapped in a space station by two mad scientists. The movies were screened in full during the episodes, supplemented by sarcastic commentary from the man and his robots, as well as some short sketches. Basically, it was amazing, and now we should all watch a clip from it:

[via EW]