On Thursday, authorities seized over 20 pounds of marijuana worth more than $20,000, two guns, two pit bulls and an 8-foot python from a basement in Harlem

Two menManuel Bey and Mark Hansen—were arrested after an eight month investigation by the NYPD. Bey and Hansen allegedly made 10 transactions with an undercover officer, selling the officer over six pounds of marijuana worth $9,200, and one firearm each totaling $1,700. 

Following the discovery at the basement (which was right across the street from the playground at Marcus Garvey Park), more dogs and weed were found at Bey and Hansen's homes. In addition, Bey's brother, Christopher Bey, and Hansen's wife, Lace Ramsey, were arrested. 

Both Bey and Hansen pleaded not guilty to charges of criminale sale of marijuana and weapons in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]