If you've ever felt guilty about pirating anything, don't. Your government does it too. 

Even though the Obama administration has said things, like, “Piracy is theft, clean and simple,” these words coming from Vice President Joe Biden, the government has been doing some piracy of their own for years and now have to pay the price for it. The government signed a contract with software developer Apptricity in 2004 to license programs that could help manage troop and supply movements. The agreement meant that the U.S. could install the programs on five servers and 150 devices. Easy, breezy, routine contract with a reputable client, right? It would have seemed so, until Apptricity discovered the government had installed thousands of unlicensed copies of the programs. Funny thing is that the government would have gotten away with it if the U.S. Army Program Director hadn't accidentally said that thousands of their devices had used Apptricity programs. So, it jumped from being the contractually agreed upon five servers and 150 devices, to a whopping 93 servers and more than 9,000 devices. No shame. The company said that the government owed them about $224 million, but a recent court ruling said the administration has agreed to pay $50 million. 

Must be nice getting all of that software at a discount. Happy early Black Friday, government.

[via TorrentFreak]