Last week, five teens were arrested in Bordeaux (France's wine capital) for stealing a llama from a circus and taking it out for the night of its life. This included a ride on the transit system. Liquor makes very stupid things seem like good ideas. 

This motley crew originally wanted to steal a zebra, but the zebra was being a lame and refused to budge. Serge the llama, perhaps eager to get out there and experience life, was willing. They eventually took Serge on the tram system with them, much to the shock of other passengers, because who has a guys night out with a llama? A concerned passenger alerted a ticket inspector, who made Serge exit the tram and tied him to a lamp post. 

The lucky quintet will not be charged. As for Serge, well, he experienced something he previously had not, and gained viral fame from it. That's more than some humans will do.

[via The Independent]