A Dota 2 player just dropped $38,000 real world clams on an in-game courier known as an ethereal flam pink War Dog. According to Dota2Trade auction not only did the War Dog sell for a ton of cash but also sold incredibly quickly.

Pink, it seems, is one of the magic hard-to-get colors in Dota 2. Couriers are used in-game to move around items from players to their bases and back again. These little guys are very useful but $38k worth?

As explained in the Reddit auction, the ethereal flam is a visual effect and pink is the rare color of the courier. Pink is so valuable because it is not one of the 10 set colors Valve created after it found a bug associated with black couriers. After which the set of 10 base colors were implemented making everything outside those very rare. These “legacy” colors are rare, unique and apparently can fetch not only health potions but also some serious cash.

Redditor ColtonisWright explains: "The War Dog is the most sought after courier type, ethereal flame is the most sought after effect, and the shade of pink is very sought after. This combination makes it extremely rare, and one of a kind."

Currently there are only three other known pink ethereal flame War Dogs out there, meaning the proud new owner can flaunt his little War Dog all over our lanes.

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[Via Eurogamer]