It is time to clear the clutter from our Facebook feeds. What once was a relatively informative, somewhat cool way to keep in touch with your friends and ignore your family has become a cesspool of E-Cards, Buzzfeed Lists, and shitty crafts that aren't even fit for a middle school classroom wall. Sure, you can hide the worst offenders with a simple click, but some bad Facebook habits have infected large percentages of our mini-feeds, spreading across social media like a cancer. There are some types of statuses that we’ve seen so often that we now instinctually ignore them. Posting statuses like these is merely a way to let the world know that you still exist, and intend to continue to pump it full of vapid content. Though it is high time we put an end to these sort of posts, It's cool if you keep on sharing them with the world. The world will just ignore them anyway. Here are 15 Facebook Statuses Everyone Ignores.