What have you been using for your web searches lately? If you're still using Google, you're in the minority. For the third month in a row.

According to Comscore's Internet traffic data, Yahoo beat out Google in web searches for September, keeping the streak alive that started in July. Yahoo happened to pull in 197.8 million unique visits while Google only pulled in about 191.4 million. It's a big time turn around for Big Purple, especially since the last time they came in ahead of Google before the streak way back in May 2011. Even though Yahoo has faced big time criticism over its Yahoo Mail redesign, it doesn't seem to have changed Yahoo users' trust in the company's search capabilities. Yet, even though Yahoo is bringing in the numbers, it isn't bringing in the money: Google is poised to make $38.83 billion in worldwide digital ad revenue this year, while Yahoo is expected to ring in $3.63 billion. 

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