Rule: Treat your nude photos as if they were money. Why? Because you'd make damn sure not to send your money to random people in your class. 

A teacher's assistant at the University of Iowa accidentally sent her class nude screenshots of herself and her boyfriend that were taken while they chated on a Google Hangout. She attached a folder containing the nudes to an email that was supposed to be a study guide for the students' math homework—but instead, she gave them a different surprise. 

Students started tweeting about the email once they realized what had happened, and a website posted a few censored versions of the pictures. (By the way, there are more than 80 students in the class.) Latest reports are that the T.A. was back in class and trying her best to pretend like nothing had happened, but was "clearly rattled."

Total Frat Move describes the photos as being pretty steamy. "It appears that two people are 'cyber-sexing' from different locations using video equipment," they said. "Both are nude and, well, 'engaging' themselves in a sexual manner. They appear to be having a grand time." 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sure "regret" makes up about 999 of them for this chick. 

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