To be really good at a video game. It takes an enormous amount of practice, and with video games increasing the number of hours to complete, the time spent on them can create a bond that crosses over into everyday life. You use video game related terms in everyday situations like, "I found an extra 20 bucks in my pocket FTW" or calling someone a noob if they fall down a flight of stairs. 

A sex life isn't excluded from the areas where a video game influence can leak into. If a person is too engaged by gaming, there is a chance that knocking boots can become more of a co-op video game experience than an intimate one. What used to be sensual petting turns into an opportunity to enter a cheat code, sound effects replace the sounds of love making and the PlayStation Move camera becomes an eye into your twisted fantasy realm.

Watch out for these telling Signs That Video Games Are Destroying Your Sex Life.

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