Samsung likes to beat Apple at being first, no matter what it is: whether it's a smartwatch, gold phones, or big screened "phablets," being first is their thing. Now, you can add a curved smartphone to that list.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Round early today, and it's main feature is its roundness. But how round is it? Only slightly. It's round enough to cup in your hand comfortably, and round enough that if you lay it on a flat surface, you can tilt it from side to side. And because of its 'roundness', this is where its next feature comes into play. If the Galaxy Round is on your bed and you feel like having a quick look at the time or your missed calls, you can press down on one side to tilt it toward you and the screen will automatically flash on to reveal the information. The same feature can be used while you're playing music—if you tilt to the left, you can go back to the previous track, and if you tilt to the right you can go to the next. This is called the 'Roll Effect'. The Round runs Android 4.3, has a phablet-sized 5.7 inch screen, and a 1080p HD display with a 13MP camera.

Samsung has released "curved" smartphones before, but just the glass of those phones were what was curved, rather than the actual display and body as it is with the Galaxy Round. 

So when can you pick this bad boy up? Not any time soon, as it's only available in Korea (in brown) as of now. But like all things, if it sells, you'll see it soon.

[via CNET]