You've probably had your fair share of alcohol-fueled country in the U.S., so have you ever considered getting blitzed in another country? We live in a big world where people get hammered on the reg outside of the states, to the point of scoffing at the drinking that's done over here. 

Guyism came up with this list of the nine drunkest countries in the world, which is topped by the Czech Republic. Not only is it the world's leader in beer consumption per capita, but a place where people get the concept of drinking for fun:

It was a tossup for the number one spot between King of Drunken Sorrow Moldova and the Czech Republic, which leads the world in beer consumption per capita, but in the end I went with the Czechs, because they understand that drinking is supposed to be about joy and fun, and not the sort of drunken depression seen in too many of the countries on this list. The Czechs are the real King of Beers – the term Pilsner was named for the town of Plzen, after all – and they bring that beer to their subjects deliciously, in copious quantities and cheap as hell. It would be like if the best microbrews in town started selling kegs to you for the cost of a case of Natty Light. Imagine how drunk you would be pretty much all the time. Got it? Good, now you know why the Czech Republic is the drunkest nation on Earth. God bless them.

The Czech Republic is followed by Moldova, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Hungary, the Vatican (they love wine), Ireland and the Ukraine.

[via Guyism]