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The Contra series is still around as handheld and downloadable games, but what was once a juggernaut among scrolling shooters is now relegated to eShops and bargain bins. And it's all thanks to one game: Contra: Legacy of War.

Konami handed off developed of Legacy of War, the first game in the beloved series for the PlayStation/Sega Saturn era, to Appaloosa Interactive, which proceeded to completely ruin everything about it that was great.

It was clunky and ugly, and for some reason it changed the series' classic 2D perspective into a top-down, isometric mess. New-fangled 3D graphics may have been all the rage back then, but even in 1996 no one thought this game was good. And as if that wasn't enough Appaloosa's sequel, C: The Contra Adventure, was even worse. Now Contra will almost certainly never return to its former glory.