If the Miami Vice vibes of Drake's current single, "Hold On, We're Going Home," weren't enough to win you over when it debuted, maybe the the music video will. Inspired by the 1983 gangster masterwork Scarface, the seven-minute video, which was released earlier today, features Majid Jordan, A$AP Rocky, and Fredo Santana. As Complex's Lauren Nostro noted: "In the video, while Drake is at the club toasting with A$AP Rocky, Drake's girl gets kidnapped by Fredo and his crew. When Drizzy goes to get his girl back, there's a crazy shooutout scene—and yes, Drake is firing a machine gun while 'Hold On We're Going Home' is playing. Ironically, on Future's Tony Montana remix, Drake raps 'And shout out to Toronto/Bitch I’m Tony in my city.' Look at him now."

As expected, WorldStarHipHop.com commenters tore Drake apart, so we decided to compile the funniest snap backs here. A fact of life: No matter how good Nothing Was The Same is, the Internetz just won't let Aubrey win.

We promise it's all in good fun, Drizzy.