The Weirdest First Roles of Your Favorite Hollywood Actors

Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Not even the biggest Paul Rudd fan on earth could answer this trivia question. Ready? Who played Tommy Doyle in the sixth (yes, sixth) installment of the Halloween series? The answer is Paul Rudd. Don't bother sneaking off a Wiki search on your smartphone. Rudd played an adult Tommy Doyle (the haunted kid in the original Halloween) and he's done research into what is behind the Michael Myers curse. With the help of Dr. Loomis—OK, we don't care either.

Out of that dank, dark basement of a start in movies, Paul Rudd made it a long way, to say the least. He'd rebound with Romeo + Juliet only a year later and his resume only got better from there—Cider House Rules, Wet Hot American Summer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Anchorman, to name a few. Talk about progress.

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