Police arrested a 31-year-old Bushwick resident who allegedly raped a woman after drugging her with Molly last week. DNAinfo says that Soutrik Pramanik met his victim through Craigslist, leading to a date near his apartment. The 23-year-old woman told police that she had five glasses of wine, which made her tired. Upon returning to Pramanik's apartment, the woman said he tried to kiss her.

After blocking his advances, she told him she was thirsty. He gave her water and orange juice, both which tasted strange to her. That's when he informed her that she had been given Molly, continuing his assault. The woman tried to fight Pramanik off, but he ended up raping her several times in her weakened state. According to DNAinfo, "she begged for him to use a condom," which he did.

She spent the night and they smoked weed together the next morning, unaware of what happened the previous night. Pramanik went to the store for condoms and ice cream, returning to rape her again while she was still under the influence. 

Police say the victim stayed at Pramanik's apartment after being assaulted because she was still feeling the effects of ingesting the drug. When she finally returned home, she called police. Pramanik was charged with rape, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, assault and a criminal sex act.

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[via Gothamist and DNAinfo]