The race to be first is getting even hotter: after Apple got to be the first with a fingerprint scanner for their smartphone, Samsung is reportedly going to be the first with a true curved display.

The announcement came today during a Samsung event in Korea for the launch of the Galaxy Note 3. And that's pretty much it. Samsung executives didn't give out any more information, other than it will be released sometime next month. Samsung has technically released a curved smartphone before (their Nexus S phone), but the only glass was slightly curved, and not the screen itself. Samsung recently applied for a patent for a smartphone that is curved down its middle from top to bottom. Additionally, the company showed off prototype curved screens at CES this year, and have adopted the technology in a few of its televisions—but having it in a full on consumer smartphone would be a new thing for the company.

Samsung unveiled for Galaxy Gear earlier this month, but it was mostly seen as a rushed attempt to get a smartwatch to the market before Apple. This mystery curved phone could be something similar (a curved phone just for the sake of being a curved phone), but we'll find out next month for sure, it seems. Would you buy?

[via The Next Web]