Gaming is complex, so catch up each week with the short and dirty in Reboot: This Week In Games.

This week Microsoft ended the speculation by finally announcing the release date for the Xbox One as well a ton of details about the liquid black box. Controllers, external hard drives, Xbox 360 support oh my!

XCOM: Enemy Within got two new trailers this week showing off the new weapons and mechs of the fully updated re-release. While everyone is still waiting to get online in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn we've offered a page of diversions. Not the least of which is the eerily not so futuristic Watch Dogs gameplay trailer.

Worried that Grand Theft Auto V, which releases in less than two weeks, won't be legit enough? Have no fear, a writer and producer of Rockstar's upcoming mega-title details how many of the voice-overs are acted by "real" gang members and not wimpy Hollywood types.

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