There are strains of marijuana named after Peyton and Eli Manning, and the Manning Football Gods are none too pleased about it. Good Meds, a dispensary based out of Denver, named the weed after the Manning brothers for an obvious reason: "the seeds are related." Does the Peyton weed give you happy feet? Does the Eli weed leave you looking perpetually confused?

While the Manning's have not filed a lawsuit yet, they claim they will should the dispensary continue to sell Manning weed in Denver. Here's the thing, thoughthere's more than one dispensary selling Manning weed.

Why is the Manning estate so upset? Well, for one, they aren't making any money off of this:

[The dispensary owners] don’t have his permission for using his name for commercial purposes. If they continue to do so legal action will be taken.

The Manning's are about that green—just not that kind. Good Meds sells that Eli Manning for 280 an ounce, and they offer a special Sunday, game day deal where customers wearing Broncos jerseys get 10 percent off. All the hype behind this potential lawsuit and yesterday's Manning Bowl 3 probably did wonders for sales. 

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[via Weedmaps]