Is seven Apple's lucky number? You can be the judge today, because downloads for Apple's newest iPhone, iPod and iPad OS are now available to the public. 

If you were disappointed by Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C announcement, you can at least savor the fact the iOS 7 feels completely new, and you can use it without ever having to pick any one of their new phones. The company dropped their old style of trying to make on-screen things look like their real-life counterparts (i.e., Notes having lines on its yellow background, or the wooden bookshelves in Newsstand), and now fonts, menus and colors feel elegant instead of dated. It's like seeing your girlfriend with a new haircut and a tight black dress. Word of advice before you download iOS 7: sync your phone to your computer, because if things mess up during the update, you're going to lose all those precious selfies of yours. But, once you update—go to Settings, General, then hit Software Update—expect to update a bunch of apps as well, since companies have updated their apps to complement iOS 7, even if that only means changing their homescreen icon to match the flat style.

Here are things to look forward to: iRadio, a faster camera speed, filters, a more efficient notification screen (swipe up from the buttom of the screen), better organized photos, and a polished Siri. Let us know what you think of the new update, and get used to it, because this style is going to be around for awhile. Updates will start to come out around 10 am PT.