I won't give away what exactly happened in the last episode of Breaking Bad for those of you unlucky enough to not be caught up yet, but here's what you need to know to set this clip up: In the episode that aired the week before last, Hank and Gomie tricked poor Huell into thinking his life was in danger so he'd give them some important information for their investigation into Walt, Huell spilled the beans, then Hank told Huell to stay put in the safehouse until further notice. Huell was, of course, never in any danger, but since he believed he was, he decided to chill in the safehouse.

Now, everyone's talking about what happened on last week's episode, but most are overlooking the most important question of all: Did Huell ever actually leave the safehouse? Just for a food run, even? 

No. Probably not. So, here's an hour-long video of him waiting for a whole hour, set to songs like "Girl from Ipanema," and "Smooth Jazz" from Portal 2. Poor Huell. Someone should go check on the poor guy.