Fail(s): Prime Suspect (NBC, 2011-2012)

"Prime Suspect is a procedural sure, but a Grade A one," claimed the countless promos. (Seriously. If you got to a movie theater on time during the summer/fall 2011, these were unavoidable.) These cases aren't being solved by just any cardboard-cutout of a hard-nosed investigator. This is a real character you can sink your teeth into, far from your typical cop. Look at that snazzy hat she wears!

The sad part is, Prime Suspect actually did get favorable reviews but Bello's Jane Timoney did not blow up like The Closer's Brenda Johnson (Krya Sedgwick) in the way NBC hoped, which is to say, not in the least. It didn't make it past mid-season, and was replaced with...The Firm. Hats off to NBC.