The floods in Boulder, Colo. have killed ten people and destroyed thousands of home, but some minor form of relief appears to be on the way. Today, free joints are being given away on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, because free weed is clearly the best way to cope with a tragedy. 

Rebuilding efforts aside, this stress weed giveaway aims to aid smokers whose stashes may have been carried away by the floods. That's not the only goal, however: this event has been organized as a protest against a proposed marijuana sales tax that will ask voters to approve a 15 excise task for weed in November.

This idea was conceived two weeks ago when Rob Corry and other anti-ballot organizers distributed free joints in Denver. Police were on hand and no one was arrested, so they decided to help out those affected by the flood. "Boulder has been victimized by flood," Corry said, adding that they "want to bring some flood relief to folks."

Donations to help flood victims will be accepted as well.

[via The Huffington Post]