Director: Kurt Kuenne

Andrew Bagby, a pleasant, fun-loving medical resident, fell in love with an unstable woman, Shirley Jane Turner, and in 2001, the 28-year-old Bagby was murdered after breaking up with her. Kurt Kuenne, Bagby's close friend, immortalized his pal with this heart-shredding film, which he began shooting after Turner announced that she was pregnant with Bagby's child, later named Zachary.

What makes Dear Zachary so disturbing? Where to begin? The film's central conceit (a love letter to an unborn child) is heavy enough, as are the tears pouring from the eyes of Bagby's family members as Turner regains custody of Zachary. The emotional sledgehammer, however, is the film's sad endgame reveal: In August 2003, Turner committed suicide by jumping into the Atlantic Ocean with infant Zachary in her arms.

Dear Zachary, as a result, is in fact a memorial for both Bagby and the son he never had a chance to meet. If you're not crying yourself by the movie's end, check your vitals. —MB