Director: Michael Stephenson

Time really does heal all wounds. If you've never seen Troll 2 (1990), do yourself a favor: rent it, pick up a 12-pack and invite some friends over, because the sequel nobody ever wanted is all that bad and then some.

Thanks to Best Worst Movie, it's now also an endearing trainwreck. This documentary is a celebration of crap, and how true crap can transcend the pits of creative Hell and unite lovers of garbage. George Hardy, one of Troll 2's stars and this doc's central figure, best exemplifies this spirit: he's a dentist so proud of what Troll 2 has become that he struts around midnight screenings like an A-lister.

After watching Best Worst Movie, you'll wish that Hardy could experience a career rebirth. Maybe score a role in a Marvel movie. He won't, of course, since he never had an official career to begin with, but he sure is a good sport. —MB