If you weren't happy with the way that American Psycho ended, good news: FX is looking to tie up all those loose ends (read: none) with a new sequel series. According to Indiewire, the series will be set for primetime and will be set in modern times rather than the '80s like the movie (or even the early '90s, when Bret Easton Ellis' original book was published). So, Patrick Bateman won't be bumping Huey Lewis and the News as much as Bateman of the '80s did, but maybe he'll be bumping Kanye West's Yeezus album, much like that ridiculous video clip featuring Scott Disick.

From Indiewire:

"American Psycho," the series, will be produced by Allison Shearmur and written by Stefan Jaworski, and while it could be cool, there is seemingly nothing to distinguish this from something like Showtime's serial killer thriller "Dexter." The emphasis seems to have shifted from the satire of the book and original film, to the murders themselves, which not only makes the killings more concrete (they were always left in a speculative no man's land before, something Ellis recently said makes the material unadaptable) but makes the entire premise seem sort of boring.

Just cast Scott Disick, and it'll probably be a success.

No word yet on when to expect this show on TV, but it'll probably be at some point next year. 

[via Indiewire]