College is the greatest four (or five, we're not judging) years of your life. You live with your friends, your parents are several zip codes away, and you don't have to worry about that insurmountable pile of debt until six months after you graduate. And the best part of your undergrad education? You're always eating. Like, always.

College students have a tendency to recklessly indulge because they're young and wild and free. They know no reprecussions, and by reprecussions we mean backfat and muffin tops. But if you've graduated years ago and still find yourself gravitating towards the microwave come dinner, you have some serious life changes to make. You're grown now. And grown-ass adults can't put ice cream on chicken tenders at 3:30 a.m. and look themselves in the mirror. You have work in the morning, not a class you can skip, and your boss doesn't consider worshiping the porcelian god a religious excuse to skip work.

Every once in a while nostalgia for the great days at ye old university will set in, but the fat creeping up around your thighs ain't that nostalgic, and neither are we. Take your sad packaged dinners and your college reminisicent meals and give them an adult upgrade. Click on to find out how to pay a tasty tribute to the good old days while maintaining your pride and self respect.

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