Buy It Now: Their Indiegogo campaign came up short, and the Bonsai team is currently exploring other options. 

At first glance, The Bonsai is just a cup that holds your shaving water. It is that and so much more. Craig Battin is sick of how much water we waste, and while he can't fix our overconsumption over night, he has a solution that takes a step in the right direction. The Bonsai uses just 2.5 ounces of water, but gives your razor a next level rinse. During your shave, you keep the Bonsai on standby to spray your razor clean, trap excess hair, and lubricate your blade for a closer shave. Not only do you get better results than you can expect from your standard sink rinse, but you could save up to 10 gallons of water per shave. Though people are excited about the Bonsai, apparently they aren't excited enough. The Bonsai has gotten plenty of media buzz, but that hasn't translated into funds. Their Indiegogo has fallen well short of Battin's goal. Battin and his team at Blackpine are currently exploring options for bringing the Bonsai to market. Until then, you'll have to continue wasting water like the inconsiderate, Earth killing swine you are.