Tired of discussing your porn preferences with friends? Well, if you care, you can now compare your tastes to people in other states. Last week, Pornhub released information showing keyword searches for each state in America. Prepare to judge others.

There's nothing too surprising here. "College" is the top search in Pennsylvania and New York, while "teen" takes the top spot in Texas. "Asian" is the winner in California and, because this is 'Merica, "creampie" is a national favorite. Arizona, Idaho and Montana all seem to enjoy their porn And1 Mixtape-style. The only head-scratcher is Wyoming, where "smoking" was the most searched term. No comment.

You can get granular with the data and see the top three most popular search terms from each state here. There's no smut on the page, but it might not be the best idea to click if you're at work.

[via Jezebel]