It might seem like they're giving out awards for anything and everything these days, but the iPhone Photography Awards is an actual thing—and before you go dissing something like serious photography from a phone, check these bad boys out.

The winners of the 2013 iPhone Photography Awards are up on the IPPA website, and there are some really stunning pieces of artwork. Photos of cities, animals, nature, and people make up this year's winners and honorable mentions. But, what separates these photos from the filtered ones you upload? Many of them make great use of composition, lighting and framing—the same aspects that separate any good photograph from a great one, regardless if you're using a thousand dollar piece of machinery with an equally as expensive lens. 

Apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic are allowed by the IPPA, but the overly filtered and processed ones don't make the cut (hey, #nofilter is actually better, people).

Check out a few of the selections above, and head over to the IPPA site to see who won.

[via The Verge]