God of War II director Cory Barlog has written a blog post for Sony’s official PlayStation blog, announcing his return to Kratos home studio, Sony Santa Monica.

“I felt that I was ready to come back home – home to where it all started, Santa Monica Studios.(SMS)  There I would use my newly honed powers of awesome to create something that will rock the free world,” Barlog said, evidently trying his damndest to sound like a mid-‘90s alternative frontman looking to spike compact disc sales.

While Barlog is keeping mum on what he is working on, though, he promises it is “freaking huge,” and it will live up to Sony Santa Monica’s lofty studio standards. What say you, readers? Does it matter that Barlog is coming back? Is Santa Monica out to pasture after Kratos, or can they be as freaking awesome as they were in God of War’s heyday again?

Via PlayStation Blog