EA and Victory Games have announced that it plans to release a series of episodic story-driven missions for the upcoming reboot of Command & Conquer that can be played alone or co-op.

The episodic missions will follow the Asia-Pacific Alliance as they attempt to stabilize a world falling apart. Rife with typical C&C backstabbing and intrigue and were sure more than a few on-camera assassinations.

EA Vice President and General Manger Jon Van Caneghem stated that "Since our announcement, the number one thing fans have asked for is new story content, and we listened. We are excited to be delivering compelling, high quality Campaign Missions that will roll out to the service in 2014."

Command & Conquer will be a free-to-play title for PC set for release later this year with the episodic story missions rolling out in 2014.

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[Via CVG]