Average rent: $803
Lifestyle perk: Sunshine, pools, and palm trees. And babes. Lots of babes.
Total days of sunshine: 269
Average yearly temperature: 89°

Palm Springs sits in a valley with stunning views every in every direction. It's one of those places where it's perfectly acceptable to pop open some bubbly before noon and chill poolside the entire day without being judged—try getting away with that in New York on a weekday. It has all the glamour of Hollywood, except it sits at the edge of a desert, which somehow makes it more glamourous. 

Remember that surreal episode in Season 2 of Mad Men when Don Draper turns into Dick Whitman and ditches his L.A. convention in favor of trippy weekend in Palm Springs? Even if you're not quite as freewheeling, New Yorkers that seek endless tennis sessions, turn of the century resorts, and caramel-skinned minxes will feel right at home here.

With an average annual temperature of 89°, Palm Springs is a bit on the warmer side, but that just means you're swim trunks will get more play than your suit and tie. Justin Timberlake, be damned.