It's strange to see the Breaking Bad cast on set laughing instead of being completely gutted by darkness, but behold: Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and co. all looking very upbeat in the newly released season five gag reel. It might feel foreign to see Skyler White (Anna Gunn) laughing this late in the game—we forgot she could!—but it's nice to see her happy, especially with the first of the final episodes set to air this Sunday. That episode will definitely not include Skyler White smiling, because she's married to the one who knocks.

Other highlights from the clip: Bryan Cranston demonstrates how to properly use a machine gun (if you've ever seen Scarface, you'll be OK), discusses his second career as a magician, and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) really can play the piano well!

You can check out the gag reel above. Breaking Bad returns August 11th on AMC at 9 PM.

[via Uproxx]