The very Godfather II-like garage face off between Walt and Hank in last night's episode of Breaking Bad was without a doubt one of the most heart-stopping scenes in the show's history—but the most pivotal part of the episode would absolutely have to be Badger's genius (and totally high) pitch for a Star Trek episode that featured the Enterprise crew engrossed in a blueberry pie eating contest. It was a brilliant monologue that Vulture reports creator Vince Gilligan has been telling the Breaking Bad staff since the first season, and was included by writer Peter Gould when it came time to give Badger an epicly stoned speech in the episode.

"We talk about Greek tragedy in the writers' room," Gould explained to Vulture, "but there are a lot of geeks, so there’s a lot of geek tragedy, too."

The speech was epic on its own in the episode—but, like with most things in life, it's even better with animation added into the mix. Luckily, animator Matt Czap put together a two-minute long animation of the monologue for Vulture, complete with floating space guts and all. Trust us: It's worth a watch, or ten. 

You can check the excellent video, courtesy of Vulture, up above.

[via Vulture]