Besides exclusives to Ouya, why is any micro-console better or different from using my android-powered phone? While it’s pretty easy to set up your phone to do many of the things that this generation of consoles can do, there are a few benefits.

One being that with consoles we can play local multiplayer games, while we can’t currently play games over the internet, having a dedicated in-room multiplayer device is something a single phone cannot do just yet. But many of the features of Ouya are already available to tablet and phone users. A quick search on Lifehacker and a few cheap cables will have your phone playing movies and games all while using gaming controllers.

It is possible that mobile gaming and phone/tablet technology will simply outpace this generation of Ouya and its competitions. For most of them this seems likely, if you’re primarily playing single-player games and can easily access your television then why invest in another piece of equipment?