Amanda Bynes' doctorshave secured an emergency extension on her psychiatric hold, TMZ is reporting, after determining that the actress is "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

Sources close to the situation reportedly told TMZ that Bynes' doctors felt she was not well enough to attend a hearing today where her parents were going to attempt to gain temporary conservatorship. Apparently, doctors went before a judge who then traveled to the hospital for an emergency hearing. After meeting with Bynes, he granted the extension, which allows doctors to hold Bynes for 30 more days while they survey her mental state.

As previously reported, Bynes has been said to be responding to a cocktail of meds to treat schizophrenia, but doctors are cautiously optimistic about her progress because Bynes reportedly doesn't believe she has a mental disorder, and, if released, is unlikely to keep taking any meds on her own.

Bynes' parents are still going to seek temporary conservatorship today in an L.A. court, which would grant them access to her finances, and stay in effect until September 30th. 

[via TMZ]