Travel time: 1hr 40min
What to bring: You and yo' girl
Best for: A book and a beach towel

Whether it's a weekend getaway, or just a daycation, the relatively short ride on the Long Island Railroad (then a quick ferry) will take you to one of the best places to unwind from the stressful city life. There are many different communities within Fire Island, some gay-friendly, others for the straight folk, so do your research before you head out. Some of the more popular spots on the island include the Sunken Forest, a sprawling canopy of trees covering a narrow barrier of sand dunes that make you feel a lot further away from NYC than you really are. Another must-see is the Fire Island Lighthouse. Sure, it's just another lighthouse, but if you climb the stairs to the top, you'll see what the hype is about. Just remember to pack your walking shoes, beacuse cars aren't allowed out here. Or better yet, kick it barefoot. You're on an island after all.