Anthony Weiner's latest sexting partner Sydney Leathers hasn't been in the public eye for long, but this development really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone: According to TMZ, Leathers was seen meeting with adult film distributor Vivid's head honcho, Steve Hirsch in LA this past weekend. It's not clear what they were discussing, but let's not be naïve—it's highly unlikely that they just met up for a friendly lunch to chat.

After speaking out about and releasing proof of her Internet sexcapades with Weiner last week, Leathers has gone from claiming she was reluctant to be in the spotlight and comparing herself to Zoe Barnes from House of Cards (which makes us think she's never seen House of Cards) to frolicking on Santa Monica beaches in bikinis for New York Post photoshoots. Given her quick transition, this development isn't particularly surprising—even less so when you take into account this Daily Mail story, which alleges that Leathers has a track record of using rich men for their money. She is absolutely gunning for her own reality show and, apparently, a starring role in a porno to go with it. 

Does this mean Sydney Leathers the new Farrah Abraham?

[via TMZ]