The sins of the father shall be corrected with a jaw-rocking blow from the son. A man was left in critical condition at a hospital after being punched by his son in the parking lot of a Dave and Busters in Orlando, Fla. Taylor Harris, 21, lost his shit when it was revealed that his father was having an affair with a woman who was texting him during the meal. 

Harris was reportedly heard screaming “You better not come out here!” to 52-year-old Leonard Harris. Mother and wife Mary Harris said that her philandering husband ran after their son to see why he was so angry, but a sheriff's report claims that Taylor Harris said he excused himself to cool off, but lost it when his father “got in his face and would not leave him alone."

Leonard Harris went down hard after being struck by his son. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a witness told deputies that "she could hear the victim's head hit the concrete three car lengths away." He was unconscious and had no pulse when a medic and his wife, a registered EMT, appeared and performed CPR.

Taylor Harris was arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated battery with great bodily harm. His father remains in critical condition.

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