It looks like more people came to their senses this past week regarding Sharknado. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the third repeat of the Syfy original film pulled in a whopping 2.1 million viewers—for some context, the premiere only pulled in about 1.4 million, which is average for any Syfy movie event. In fact, these numbers actually make it the most-watched encore airing of a Syfy original in the history of the network.

The second repeat of Sharknado, which aired July 17, pulled in 1.9 million.

There's no word on how tweets between the initial premiere and this third broadcast compare, but we assume that the premiere would have garnered more tweets since it was a new airing, not just people discovering how amazing a plot about sharks in a tornado ripping through LA can be. If you recall, the premiere of Sharknado on July 11 pulled in 604,000 unique tweets, which is more than even Game of Thrones' red wedding episode had.

This all bodes well for the Sharknado sequel, which is said to be set in NYC and should premiere sometime in July 2014. Syfy very well could have a cult hit on their hands.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]