If you want to eat sushi in New York City, it's going to cost you. But you probably knew that, right? For the second consecutive year, the price of sushi at New York restaurants has topped Bloomberg Rankings' Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index. The list considers the prices for California roll and spicy tuna prices found at restaurants in 28 cities. Meanwhile, Greenwich, Conn. landed in first place on the Sushinomics Premium Priced Index list, which names the cities with the most costly sushi rolls. 

With a top five that also included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Austin, Texas, New York has simple sushi prices that were 3.3 percent higher. Conversely, New Orleans had the least expensive sushi, falling 23 percent below the average. Guy Vaknin, chef and owner of the Meatpacking District's Beyond Sushi, told Bloomberg he tries to keep sushi costs down by cutting out distributors and dealing directly with farmers. Sounds a lot like the drug game, no?

Technomic Inc. executive president Darren Tristano says that restaurants have the flexibility to raise sushi prices almost at will because of the customers the dish attracts. “When it comes down to sushi, it’s a very specialized product, it’s a very affluent consumer that goes for sushi. As a result, they have the ability to raise price." Damn you rich folks, you're keeping sushi prices in the clouds. 

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[via Bloomberg]