Game: NBA 2K9
Year: 2008

The 2008-09 season should have been the year of Greg Oden.

Now, it's easy to look back at the 2007 draft and wonder what the Trail Blazers were thinking taking Oden over world-destroyer Durant, but it didn't look that way then. Hell, Durant didn't even do all that well in his rookie year when he mostly played shooting guard-weirdly-for the Seattle Supersonics. Oden was supposed to be the kind of giant athletic defender the league was built around but rarely saw fully realized at the time and in NBA 2K9 he was just that.

A year removed from the microfracture surgery that sidelines him for what should have been his rookie year, he looked poised to blow up and he played like it. With deft post moves he may not have truly earned and a big defensive and rebounding presence he certainly did, Oden was a pillar down low for a virtual Blazers team that also featured Brandon Roy. Released into a fantasy Association, he was a building block for years on end, frequently winning MVP awards in the process. Alas, it was never to be in the real world and even with a rumored comeback to the NBA this season, the chances that he'll light it on fire like he did in 2K9 are slim to none.